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The Key West Bar Card: All You Need to Know

Whether flying into, driving down, or cruising in, Key West is an ideal carefree destination where good times await. Especially more so with the Key West Bar Card in hand. Situated at the very end of the Florida Keys, closer to Havana, Cuba, than the nearest Walmart, you will find yourself at Mile Marker Zero.

At the end of the road, lined with swaying palms, gentle breezes, and vibrantly painted skies, one will find that it truly is five o’clock somewhere. This is where the sidewalk ends; iguanas, chickens, and six-toed cats are among your new friends. So, I’m sure you can imagine that Margaritaville isn’t far away.

You are now ready to relax, unwind, and let your worries go. Welcome to paradise! You’re on one of the islands in The Conch Republic. Cayo Hueso, you may know it by its newer, more familiar name Key West.

Now before we can get to wastin’ away again and enjoying live music from the numerous bars in Old Town, there is one essential thing that you should have with you. Money? No, but it is helpful. Car keys? Not quite. A positive attitude? Well, yes, but besides that, I’m talking about the Key West Bar Card! Do you know about it?

What is the Key West Bar Card?

This little gem will save you money on your vacation. How so, you ask? Do you like to drink? How about free drinks daily? If so, read on. Alright, let’s break it down. If you have your Bar Card, you can get a 2-4-1 drink at sixteen different establishments once a day.

For Example – You are down at Schooner Wharf to grab a bite to eat or catch some live music. Ask one of the bartenders for a drink of your choice. It could be a bloody mary, Schooner-Rita, beer, or wine. Show your Key West Bar Card, and you will get a second drink for free after you finish the first.

Two for one drinks at schooner wharf bar with the key west bar card
Enjoying some drinks at Schooner Wharf

How to Use Your Key West Bar Card

The best part about the bar card is that you can use it more than once. You can use your card once daily at each participating location, and it doesn’t expire until the end of the year. Do you want to add all the possibilities? I’ll wait. It’s a damn good deal! The Key West Bar Card has glowing reviews, and I understand why.

Example 2 – You have a few bar-card drinks at Schooner and make your way to Two Friends. You can use your bar card again and try out that tasty Key Lime Martini or whatever strikes your fancy. You will still get two drinks for the price of 1 because of your bar card. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. You could fashion your personal Key West Crawl.

The Bar Card can quickly pay for itself in one day, getting you a buy one get one deal at each bar. It’s like having a magical day-drinking discount card in your wallet. Remember, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning! Schooner’s first happy hour is at 8 am. (Just sayin’). This card isn’t only for those who visit. You will see plenty of locals that have them as well.

Bar Card Rules

Your card is only for you. You can’t share your deal with your wife, significant other, girlfriend, or friends. They have to buy their own. Written on the card, it says, “for the Individual Cardholder Only valid for a buy 1, get one free drink, up to $10 off.” The cards are not transferable, and there are a couple of blackout dates, so take notice. Read the FAQ for further information.

Where to Buy the Key West Bar Card

The bar card can be ordered online and shipped to you or picked up while in town. The cost for your very own personal happy hour maker is $20. Currently, 16 participating locations accept the Key West Bar Card in 2023.

picture of a key west bar card

Click here to visit the online store to get your Bar Card.

Where Can You Use the Bar Card

  1. Schooner Wharf – “A last little piece of Old Key West” in the historic seaport
  2. First Flight Island Restaurant & Brewery – The birthplace of Pan Am Airways
  3. Hard Rock Cafe – Rock out with memorabilia and food on Duval Street
  4. Sinz Burritos – It’s a sin not to try amazing Mexican food & drink whenever available
  5. Smokin’ Tuna Saloon – Live music, lunch and dinner options, always a buzz going on
  6. Mellow Cafe & Gastropub – Craft brew and plenty more on tap pair with tacos, poke, and wraps
  7. Viva Argentinian Steakhouse – Fabulous steaks, empanadas, sangria, and more right on Duval
  8. Two Friends Patio Restaurant – Breakfast, lunch, and dinner with local favorites and live music
  9. The Backyard Bar – Relax in the back with a drink and a menu served up by Kaya Island Eats
  10. Salty Frog’s Bar & Grill – Nashville came south and brought lively food and music to the Keys
  11. Off The Hook – Seafood heaven that opens at 4 with live music, happy hour, and daily specials
  12. Margaritaville Restaurant (new for 2023) – Have a cheeseburger and margarita in Paradise
  13. Dive Bar Shirt Club (Grub House) (new for 2023) – Tacos, Chips w/ queso or salsa, Cold Drinks
  14. Celtic Conch Public House (new for 2023) – Philly Bar, Irish Pub, Lounge & Dining
  15. Big Cheezees Pub and Grub – (new for 2023) – Smoked meats, Pizza, BBQ, Burgers & Dawgs
  16. Bearded Lady Key West – (new for 2023) – Good Beer, Decent Wine and Questionable Staff 

Map of Bars that Accept the Key West Bar Card

Where to Get a Bar Card in Key West

Here are the retail locations on the island where you can pick up a Key West Bar Card.

  • You can walk into KWest Fine Wines & Liquor store on Duval Street and buy a Key West Bar Card (That’s what I did.)
  • If you are near Mary Ellen’s, you can purchase a card at Leather Master on Appelrouth Lane.
  • Leo’s Campground out on Stock Island has them.
  • And if you find yourself at the Smokin’ Tuna or First Flight, you can purchase your bar card on the spot and belly up to the bar, and get your first use of the card and drinks immediately.

Enjoy Responsibly

You can make every hour a happy hour while on vacation with your Key West bar card. I hope you make the most of your time in The Conch Republic. If the bar card seems a good fit, plan to grab one for your stay. Take it easy out there, remember there is no sad hour, and stay hydrated.

P.S. Don’t forget to tip those hard-working people taking care of you. Please tip appropriately; if using your card, that would be for two drinks.

I hope you found this post helpful for your planning. Also, if you have friends coming down, share it with them to be better prepared when they visit.

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  1. I need a little advice. Am visiting KW on my own following passing of my husband, I need a little guidance about bar tipping since he always took care of that. I have no clue what is acceptable there. Thanks

    1. Hi Jeannie,
      I hope you will have a lovely time in KW when you come to visit. Those in the service industry are very hard working with multiple jobs and can struggle at times. We treat the bars the same as restaurants and usually tip 20%. If you want your tip to go to the individual right away, I’d suggest having some cash on hand. You could pay the bill with your card but tip the server, bartender, etc., with the money.

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