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Buc-ee’s: All of Your Road Trip Needs In One Spot

A little bit ago, I drove across the country from Florida to California. One of my discoveries was that our friends in the south, well, mostly Texas, have been holding out on us. There is a place they stop at on most road trips (besides Whataburger) that I had never heard of until now, Buc-ee’s. All of your road trip needs, and more can be found at Buc-ee’s.

You will first see billboards beckoning you to stop with witty sayings informing you how far away you are from one. If you need a break from driving or are running low on gas, curious, or even a bit hungry, head for the smiling beaver logo and make it a buc ee’s road trip.

What to Expect When You Stop at Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s is a big oasis of comfort, food, and conveniences, with multiple locations stretching from Texas to Florida. The bathrooms are, dare I say, legendary, squeaky clean, and maintained with pride. Gas pumps are aplenty. Seriously though, there are like 50-75, maybe even more pumps and the bonus is that they are generally cheaper than the competition nearby. It will be one of the largest gas stations you’ve ever seen.

At this pit stop oasis, you can fill up your tank and your belly as well. So stretch your legs and let the cranky “are we there yet?” kids unwind. There is a vast store with numerous options, from Buc-ee’s road trip favorites like dried fruit, chips, and jerky to many countless snacks and everything one needs in between.

What to Get at Buc-ee’s

Popular areas include the homemade fudge station (Yes, you can get samples), the enormous jerky bar (so much to choose from), Icee (all the flavors) and coffee stations, the stocked service deli, and the grab-n-go hot food area. So whether you need a last-minute gift, hat, t-shirt, or a spur of the moment home decor item, Buc-ee’s has you covered. Make sure to locate all of your road trip needs at Buc-ee’s.

If you missed out or forgot to grab something, I have even seen some items listed on Amazon.


In Texas, brisket is king, and you can find this staple when you stop at Buc-ee’s too. Of course, there are countless BBQ meccas to fill up at in the state; however, if you are on a tight schedule, transiting through, or have a craving, you can get a hot brisket sandwich or even a breakfast brisket taco. I’m not going to say it’s the best you will ever have, but it’s certainly a step above, say, gas station sushi.

My Pit Stop at Buc-ee’s

I couldn’t pass up a chance to stop at Buc-ee’s and pulled into the last one headed west on I-10 that I saw before San Antonio. When I visited, I was impressed with the facilities and layout. I grabbed some goodies to take home to the family-like saltwater taffy, beaver nuggets, and peppered beef jerky. I had two Buc ee’s brisket tacos (one with just meat and a breakfast one with egg).

That day I drove over 1100 miles from Winnie, Texas, to Tuscon, Arizona. Was I powered up and fueled by my stop at Buc-ee’s? We’ll never know, but one could speculate.

Out of my purchases, I found the peppered jerky I bought to be a bit bland. I’m going for the funky bohemian garlic one I read about next time. The taffy and beaver nuggets went over well with the family. At this point, I’m sure everyone wants to know WTH a beaver nugget is. It’s like corn pop cereal, and popcorn had a kid with a bit of brown sugar thrown in. An intriguing sweet snack that the kids are bound to enjoy with a fun name. Don’t forget to grab yourself some of the best buc ee’s snacks.

snacks from buc-ee's for your road trip needs
Essential road trip snacks and gifts

Buc-ee’s has won awards and recognition for both their bathrooms and coffee. So don’t expect that typical gas station experience; go in expecting a lot more. Take time to check the whole area out. Buc-ee’s most likely has all of your road trip needs under one roof.

If you have ever been to a Buc-ee’s, what is your favorite thing to grab? Also, when on the road, are you a fan of travel centers, or do you drive to the nearest convenient gas station?

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