Selfie at world famous Stonehenge

Day Trip to Stonehenge from London

I once desired to go to the Southwest of England and visit a prehistoric monument of ancient rocks. Perhaps you have heard of them? I am grateful I did because my day trip to Stonehenge turned into a fun adventure I won’t soon forget. Here is how I put it together and some tips to show how you can as well.

Getting to Stonehenge from London by Train

From London, it is a short hop and a skip. Well actually, first you can take a train to Salisbury, as I did. Afterward, you can hop on the Tour bus at the rail station. Voilà! Before you know it, you have arrived at this magical place called Stonehenge. It is good to escape the hectic city sometimes and get into a country state of mind.

Cheap Day Trip to Stonehenge from London

You can buy a complete package from The Stonehenge Tour Bus at the station or piece together your own. The introductory tour includes the bus ride to the stones, Old Sarum, and admission to Stonehenge. If you pay a smidge more, you can include the Salisbury Cathedral as well. For barebones, you can purchase a bus ride around the area. The current prices are all listed here. Overall you’ll find that it’s not that expensive and you can make a cheap day trip to Stonehenge from London work out for you.

Can You Do a Day Trip to Stonehenge from London?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, there is the train option. You can also get there by driving if you have a vehicle or come as part of a group bus tour. A day trip to Stonehenge is easy to do, considering that Salisbury is only about 90 miles from London. My friend that lives there outside of London had never been and left the planning up to me. Wanker! But, people might ask, is Stonehenge really worth visiting? I think so without a doubt. There is so much history and mystery at this site. So come and see the stones and surrounding areas, and you can put a check next to this epic bucket list item.

What to Expect on a Day Trip to Stonehenge

When you arrive by bus from Salisbury train station, you’ll first come to the visitor center and have your tickets verified for entry. If you have not purchased a ticket for entry ahead of time, you can acquire one at the visitor center. Once inside, you will find a charming café with snacks and beverages, ample bathroom facilities to freshen up, and a lovely gift shop with all sorts of keepsakes and knickknacks.

You can take part in educational exhibitions that immerse you in the fascinating history of the stones. There are many audio and visual stories and an excellent interactive map of the area to take in. Check out ancient artifacts that are displayed while on loan from the local museums. Don’t forget to look at the Neolithic houses right outside the visitor center doors. You can see and get a sense of how people lived here over 4500 years ago.

The visitor center is modern, spacious, and updated. It is also a great place to warm up or to take shelter from the elements. England can always have weather, so it is best to come prepared for any scenario. The last entry to Stonehenge is at 3 pm, two hours before closing time.

Will You Walk or Ride to the Stone Circle?

To get out to the stone circle, you can ride the free shuttle bus that takes you there in 5-8 minutes. Or, if you prefer, and the weather is cooperating, you could walk about a mile and a half taking in the ancient landscape.

I opted to mix both and walked to the stones from the visitor center and rode the shuttle back. I enjoyed walking along the trail, taking in my surroundings. The blades of the green grass and autumn leaves were gently blowing in the breeze. Wooden fence posts and signage indicate you were walking along the National Trust Stonehenge Landscape. Excitement built with each step as I made my way closer to the ancient monument.

A Walk Around the Stones

It was pretty awe-inspiring to be here and to absorb the energy I felt that surrounded me. You can sense it. I found myself pausing while just gazing at the mysterious stones with wonder and appreciation.

You can feel the history, and you can sense the importance of this site. I took my time walking around the stones on the walking path, studying them from different angles.

You might see a wedding taking place (I did) — such a unique location to have a ceremony and a lovely story to share with others. Many others will come for the solstices to feel what they describe as a spiritual event.

Last Thoughts on My Day Trip to Stonehenge

Finally, after a few hours, feeling content with my time spent here, I made my way back to the visitor center. What an enjoyable experience it was to come to Stonehenge. One I will not soon forget, and I guarantee you won’t either.

I spent the rest of my afternoon in Salisbury grabbing a bite to eat and a pint after visiting the cathedral. If you have the time, you can explore Salisbury and its magnificent gothic cathedral. You can learn cool things like why it wasn’t bombed during the second world war and even see the Magna Carta. A historical document that dates back to 1215 and is the basis for the rule of law.

If you are looking for an easy day trip from London, consider coming to Stonehenge for it is well worth a visit. It is a magical place.

Have you been to one of the wonders of the world? For more information on Stonehenge, you can visit the official website English Heritage.

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