eating oysters in paris

Eating Oysters In Paris: A Backpacker Budget Challenge

I love eating oysters, and to do so in Paris would be epic! While in France one December, I was glad to see some oysters displayed while walking about. I was fearful that they might have been out of season. Yet, that was not the case.

I saw stands on corners and in front of restaurants—many offering a fine selection of these briny delights. I was going to find some oysters near me. Most that I looked at seemed priced a tad higher than I wanted to spend. I was doing quite a good job of sticking to my budget for the most part and didn’t want to stray.

Hunting For Reasonably Priced Oysters.

One evening I was walking up Rue Du Commerce. I was heading toward the Champ de Mars to watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle at the top of the hour. On my way, I passed by many places with oysters on display. In my notes, I had jotted down several oyster/wine/happy hour bars to visit after searching for cheap oysters Paris. I had already struck out at one called Le Baron Rouge. Well, I got good wine prices, but there were no oysters to pair them with at that time. From that point on, I was determined to have some. I will be eating oysters in Paris! I will prevail! Could I have a champagne taste on a backpacker budget? Challenge accepted!

On the way back from viewing the twinkling lights, I stopped at A La Tour Eiffel. A busy restaurant and bar right on the corner across the street from my hostel. The brasserie was busy that night. People were opting to sit inside and stay warm while enjoying their food and drink. The restaurant is on a corner and is a lovely looking place with seating options inside and out.

Finally! I Found A Spot.

There was a stand outside on the sidewalk with a purveyor and a chalkboard menu. These oysters were kept well and were cared for on their beds of ice. But, unfortunately, I had walked by a few stands that seemed in disarray and not at proper temperatures. One, in particular, didn’t even have any ice present. So what is one to do? That’s right; keep on walking.

Back at A La Tour Eiffel, I stood before a gruff guy whose English was as good as my French. I started communicating my order to him with hand signs and finger-pointing. Finally, a waiter came over to assist and to help me complete the order. I chose to eat them right there outside. I had no need for a table or drink; I’d get those at the hostel bar.

He shucked and presented me with a platter of 6 plump morsels in their shells swimming in their liquor. A small wedge of lemon accompanied on the side. I had chosen a half dozen of the Fines de Claire Marennes d’Orleron nº3 for 8 euro. Were these the best oysters in Paris? I’m not sure, but I was certainly content.

They were remarkable! Sweet, briny, fresh, delicate, and downright delicious. The perfect snack. Exactly what I had been looking for after a brisk walk on a 40-degree Parisian night. Finally, I was eating oysters in Paris.

eating oysters and sides in paris
Freshly shucked oysters with mignonette and a beer

I Visited Twice. Yay For Eating Oysters!

The picture above is actually from my second visit to this establishment. I know, I know, way to blow that budget. My stomach didn’t mind. Did I mention that I love eating oysters? And that I didn’t have to go far; they were right on the corner. I wanted to eat the best food in Paris.

On the second visit, I chose to sit inside at the bar. Because of this, there was a downside. It was upon ordering the oysters from the menu, as seen above, that they were more expensive. I had to pay an extra 3 euros. I could have stood out on the corner and had them for less as I did before. This order came with extra accompaniments, which offset the slight cost increase—slices of brown bread and softened butter—a flavorful mignonette composed of shallots and vinegar.

oyster menu with prices
Oyster menu at A La Tour Eiffel Restaurant.

Are eating oysters in Paris considered a thing? Oyster happy hour Paris sounds good enough and enticing to me. Escargot, Beef Bourguignon, and Duck Confit are generally the stars. What is your take on the matter? I very much enjoyed them and was glad to devour the tasty little bits.

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