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Lux Express

If you find yourself needing a cheap way to travel in the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), look no further than Lux Express. By skipping the airport hassle, you will save time, money, and some of your sanity too.

Explore Tallinn, Riga, & Vilnius via Lux Express

The Baltic states and their capitals are the main arteries of the Lux Express coach service. The capital cities (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius) are all situated close to each other. So, these coaches allow you to explore all three places on a single visit to the region if desired.

I enjoyed delving into each unique city. I saw stunning art nouveau architecture in Riga, Vilnius’s quirky culture in Užupis, and the cobbled Old Town of Tallinn. By taking the Lux Express, you will find that you can too.

Comfort And Amenities

Why not ride in style with departures almost every hour? The Lux Express schedule runs throughout the day. Onboard you will find many conveniences to help make your ride a smooth one.

There is a hot beverage machine, a wifi connection, and reclining seats. You’ll have power ports to charge your devices and a seatback entertainment system to watch movies or tv. Travel time is 4 hours (Tallinn – Riga, Riga – Vilnius) and will be a breeze with these amenities. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the extra legroom you will have to stretch out and an onboard bathroom too.

seated on lux express coach bus

There is a Lux Express Lounge on some routes if you want to splurge for a higher class of service. This coach gives you a private lounge area at the rear of the bus. Besides that, you will get individual seats with more comfort and recline (no seatmate). 

Also, if you are going international, you will get free water and a snack. Riding from Tallinn to St. Petersburg at (6:00), you can get free breakfast. If traveling from St. Petersburg to Tallinn on the (17:00) departure, you can get a free dinner.

Costs And Booking

Rates start at 5 euro on the shorter routes. Because prices do fluctuate, book as early as possible to get the cheapest ticket. The closer you are to your departure date, the higher the cost could be. So, when searching for fares on the website, the prices highlighted in red are where you will find the best rates.

No Airport Hassle

Since you are skipping the airport, you won’t be wasting your valuable time. You won’t be going through security lines or having to check-in 3 hours before departure. We all know taking things in an out of your bag and being x-rayed can be quite a pain, especially if you have to queue up in long lines; umm, no thanks! Bypassing the airport is such a timesaver.

Lux Express met my needs with low-cost tickets and many departures, thus allowing me to plan my trip. I rode from Tallinn to Riga and then, after a few days, onward to Vilnius. Due to using Lux Express, I arrived at my destinations relaxed, refreshed, and ready to go. I was able to travel on a budget, which left me with more $ in my pocket. Yay! I very much recommend this service and would not hesitate to use it again.

Make Sure You Protect Yourself with Travel Insurance

While travel in the Baltics is safe, I love the peace of mind travel insurance gives me in case of emergencies, accidents, illnesses, theft, trip cancellation, or disruption. For a few dollars a day and with coverage for many types of adventure activities, I’m all in.

Get Ready to Book Your Trip: Helpful Links and Resources

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Get Travel Insurance
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Tours, Activities, and Things to Do
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